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Business Opportunity

As said, Maru.Derm Cosmetics operates a global network of Distributors to market our products. We are constantly seeking opportunities to expand our business to new countries and markets. And in our business model we do so by cooperation with exclusive Distributors.

So if you are are interested in becoming our Distributor, read our Distributor requirements below.

Distributor Requirements

  • New Distributors must have a thorough knowledge of the local market. They need to dispose of a broad network of contacts in this market or be able to quickly and effectively build up such a network. Distributors should have the capacity to cover the entire country or at least the main areas.
  • Your company must be up-to-date and informed about registration procedures in your country and be able to carry out these formalities on our behalf.
  • Distributors must have the financial capacity to maintain sufficient stock of products and to invest in the marketing of our products. They also need to be able to grant credits that clients are accustomed to in their respective country or region. Distributors must be able to finance the growth of their markets and their activities.
  • Future Distributors must show a 100% commitment to ensure success for our products in their territories. 

Well, does your company meet our requirements? In that case, please contact us as a potential sole Distributor for your country or region.


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