Vegan Product Preference and “Cruelty Free” Trend in Skin Care

Vegan Product Preference and “Cruelty Free” Trend in Skin Care

Different products are joining the world of skincare and cosmetics every day. These new and different products, which have joined, convey different definitions and approaches to the world of beauty along with themselves. Today, we often hear the definitions of natural skin care, organic skincare, vegan or vegetarian skincare, and many trends such as Cruelty-Free. We, who care about our skin health, should get to know these concepts and approaches more closely.

"As MaruDerm Cosmetics, we work harmoniously with the spirit of time and nature. We are happy to stay away from understandings in which other creatures are harmed for the beauty of the skin in clinical studies."

Skincare and cosmetics are the worlds of fast-moving consumer goods. Companies prefer chemical ingredients and new production technologies to reduce costs or provide more rapid production. This approach, which ignores human health, leads us to search for natural and healthy products. We know that natural is always healthier. Let's not fall into the misconception that we can only prepare natural products in our homes. For those who care about skincare and health, there is MaruDerm Cosmetics. MaruDerm offers you nature-friendly beauty by adopting natural skincare, vegan skincare, and Cruelty-Free trends.

Vegan skin care products do not contain animal-derived ingredients. Vegan skincare products meet what is necessary for your skin health from plants. We can identify products that oppose the exploitation of animals and adopt veganism in any field with the presence of the "Vegan Society."

With the Vegan logo, we can understand that the products do not contain animal component additives. The vegan logo is an international standard given to products whose contents are tested. It guarantees that the ingredients and the production of animal-origin substances are not included.

Vegan skin care products;

  • It does not contain any indirect or direct animal products in its content.
  • This feature is entirely different from other skin care products.
  • It is not tested on animals. Animals are not subjected to any treatment.
  • There is a difference between vegetarian skin care products.
  • Vegetarian skin care products do not contain animal ingredients, but there may be substances obtained indirectly from animals (beeswax, propolis, honey, etc.). We should pay attention to this distinction between these products.

Thanks to conscious consumers, vegan products have quickly made a place for themselves in skincare and cosmetics. In this process, Herbal Essentials will always continue to stand by you with its products.

Cruelty-Free: Cruelty-Free is the most critical trend brought to the world of skincare and cosmetics. When we translate it into our language, we can define it as "cruel free." Cruelty-Free aims not to expose animals to processes such as testing at any stage of product production. We understand that products bearing the Cruelty-Free logo are not tested on animals.

The Cruelty-Free emblem features a small rabbit logo on it. However, products bearing this emblem should not be considered vegan products. The Cruelty-Free logo only indicates that it has not been tested on animals. Vegan products have this logo, but certification logos are also required, such as the Vegan Society, which tests the ingredients we mentioned earlier.

All MaruDerm skin care products are cruelty-free. This means that no product or product ingredients are tested on animals. Adopting the Cruelty-Free trend, MaruDerm also does not supply its products to countries that test on animals.