What are Pores? How to Get Rid of Large Pores: 3 Ways

What are Pores? How to Get Rid of Large Pores: 3 Ways

While you want to enjoy life with wonderfully smooth skin, sometimes you may look at your enlarged pores in the mirror. Don't worry! You're not alone! Because many women struggle with the annoying appearance of uncontrollably growing pores. Women who use the right products and take care of their skin quickly get rid of the rough skin appearance caused by the pores. If you want soft and flawless skin, we recommend you review this guide we have prepared for you!

What are Pores?

Pores are tiny air spaces and channels on the skin. In other words, pores are included in the skin's natural structure. Thanks to these little channels, the skin gets both air and nourishment. The pore problem arises when these small channels and vesicles expand over time and turn into acne due to dirt, dead skin, and dust particles that get into them.
While the pores should be in sizes that cannot be seen with the naked eye, the pores are of a remarkable width in the skin structure that we define as the porous skin type. The sebum that fills these gaps during the day can cause a shine problem on the skin.

What Causes Pores?

We said that every skin has a porous structure. However, we can list the factors that turn pores into a “problem” as follows:

  • First, genetic causes lie under the pores that expand over time. Some people's skin is more prone to oiliness, which causes the pores to expand.
  • The harmful rays of the sun also affect the annoying pore appearance. UV rays damage the skin's structure and cause the skin layer to become thicker and more complex. In this case, the skin is stretched, and the pores become prominent.
  • Enlarged and enlarged pores are also a sign of aging. Over time, the level of hyaluronic acid, which is one of the building blocks of the skin, decreases and causes the elastic structure of the skin to deteriorate. In this case, the skin cannot stretch enough to close the pores.
  • Inadequate skin care is also one of the biggest reasons for the enlargement of pores. Because no matter what we do, our skin always produces oil during the day. Excessing this natural oil, also called sebum and actually beneficial for the skin, causes the pores to expand. If it is not cleaned regularly, it fills with the dirt and dust accumulated on the skin into the pores that it causes to grow, causing acne and blackheads.

What Can Be Done to Tighten Pores?

Here are some things you can do to get rid of the enlarged pores and shine that bothers you throughout the day:

1. You Must Cleanse Your Skin Regularly!

You should care for your skin twice a day, morning and evening:

  • At this point, you first need to clean your make-up with a make-up remover.
  • Then, you should thoroughly cleanse your skin of sebum and make-up residues with a facial cleansing gel and toner.
  • At the last stage, you can complete your daily care ritual with a suitable skin serum and moisturizer.
  • Of course, you should always use products suitable for your skin type and solve the pore problem. You can review the product recommendations in the rest of our article if you are wondering what the best pore-tightening formulas are.

2. You Should Protect Your Skin From The Abrasive Effects Of The Sun

Before leaving the house, you should apply sunscreen cream to your face. You must do this even on cold winter days when the sun hides behind the clouds. Because only in this way can you prevent the sun from damaging the structure of your skin.

3. You Should Cleanse the Pores Deeply With Peeling

If you regularly exfoliate your face, you will not only prevent the accumulation of residues that will cause acne in the pores but also, your skin will gain a much smoother form. For this reason, it is beneficial to apply an exfoliating mask at least once a week. You can also choose products with a peeling effect for daily care.